Health Professions Advising (HPA)

Many students come to Rhodes with the intention of preparing for a career in medicine or another health profession (including veterinary medicine). Rhodes has a large commitment to this population and our HPA program. This commitment starts with special pre-health programming in the first days that a student is on campus, and continues throughout their time at Rhodes to help mentor and advise pre-health students. Our commitment continues with our alumni who begin or continue health professions planning post graduation.

Most of our students are interested in pursuing medicine with a smaller number looking toward other health professions. 

Rhodes students and alumni/ae interested in medicine or other health care professions can expect the following:  

  • Personal mentoring from the Health Professions Advising team (this is parallel to our regular academic advising and faculty mentoring).
  • Regular programming throughout the year to allow exploration of career options and best advice on how to prepare for and apply to medical school and other health profession programs.
  • Opportunities to participate in health care experience with a myriad of community partners and local practitioners.  These include the world class St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Baptist Memorial Health Care, Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital, TheMED, The Church Health Center, and many others.
  • Research for those interested is offered by our Professors, as well as many of our community partners, such as St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, In Motion Skeletal Muscular Research, and the Memphis Zoo and Aquarium.
  • A well rounded liberal arts education with very strong sciences which allows our students to learn and polish the quantitative, analytical, writing, and communication skills sought by most medical schools and health profession schools.  Our strengths throughout our academic program at Rhodes allow students to pursue any major while working toward acceptance at most professional programs as well as allows for any change in plans while still keeping students in an appropriate and academically strong program.
  • We work equally with all students and are not gate keepers.  Our goal is to help students find the career and program where they will be happy and able to excel.

Rhodes students and alums attend private and state medical schools throughout the country, including some of the finest, i.e., Baylor, Brown, Duke, Emory, Georgetown, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, Vanderbilt, Washington University, and Yale.  We offer the information and opportunities to allow our students to develop as caring community members, excellent scholars, and to become nationally competitive.  Although in a smaller cohort at Rhodes, our students attend schools throughout the US for post graduate study for many health professions.

Rhodes offers a very strong broad academic program, strong sciences, a wide range of advising and preparation programming, and the advantage of being in Memphis with our many health care community partners. Rhodes doesn’t have specific pre-health majors or pre-health tracks.  Instead any major can lead to preparation for medical schools and most other health profession programs.

All prerequisite course work for medicine, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, podiatric medicine, optometry, and chiropractic can be taken at Rhodes. All required course work for some of the best nursing, physician’s assistant, and physical therapy programs can be taken at Rhodes. Other programs in these fields require additional prerequisite course work as do all programs of occupational therapy, audiology, speech pathology, nutrition, and kinesiology.  However, many students prepare for these careers at Rhodes, taking the additional course work required at another institution.

Our liberal arts program allows for the development of skills and attributes that medical schools and most other health profession schools desire in their applicants. We meet all students interested in health careers, including veterinary medicine, the first week of classes and work with them throughout their years at Rhodes.  We are available for appointments and email and telephone consultations throughout the year.

Office Hours:

Dr. Alan Jaslow

Advises first and second year students A-L, and all students applying to health professions other than medical school.

Office Hours Spring 2018

  • Mon: 8-8:45AM,10:10-11AM, 1-3PM
  • Tues: 8-11AM, 12:15-2PM
  • Wed: 8-8:45AM, 12:30-2:15PM

Appointments are available on Thursdays and Fridays, and can be made in AdviseStream.

Dr. Jaslow is available by cell before 9:00PMCST 7 days a week, as well as by email


Dr. Charles Snyder
Advises first and second year students M-Z, and all students applying to medical school (MD and DO).

Office Hours Spring 2018

  • Mon: 1-3PM
  • Thurs: 8-9AM
  • Fri: 1-3PM

Appointments can be made in AdviseStream and are available outside of walk-in hours Monday-Friday.
Dr. Snyder is available by cell before 9:00PM CST 7 days a week at (901) 618-1405