Rhodes Student Government

RSG represents the interests of Rhodes students to the rest of the campus – faculty, staff, trustees, alumni, and friends of the college. Student government is a deliberative and consultative body that strives to shape the college by ensuring an environment that nurtures physical, social, spiritual, and intellectual development. RSG protects the rights of students and fosters an environment which stimulates students to take active roles in the college community. The Structure of RSG is made up of the Student Senate, which consists of five representatives elected from each class in addition to other elected and appointed officials. The semi-autonomous body of Allocations Board meets at bi-weekly throughout the year.

The Senate meets bi-weekly on Tuesdays in Barret 051 at 7:00pm. Meetings are open (unless we move to executive session) and students, faculty, and staff are welcome to attend.

Executive Officers:

Student Body President: Thomas Mitchell
Vice-President: Spencer Beckman
Allocations Commissioner: Davis Field
Treasurer: Noah Coomer
Secretary: Zaria Jones
Parliamentarian: Daniel Elliot

Class of 2018 Senators

Elizabeth Hale (Chair of Student Organizations Committee)
Gillian Wenhold
Molly Mulhern
Ben Rosenberg (Co-Chair of Academics)
Courtney Link

Class of 2019 Senators

Aylen Mercado
Emily Faber (Chair of Student Services)
Zach Thornton
Hannah McCarty
Lane Brandt (Chair of Internal Communications)

Class of 2020 Senators

Brian Burgess (Co-Chair of Academics)
Dorian Canales
Catherine Owen
Ellie Johnson
Graham Heifner (Chair of External)

Class of 2021

To be elected.