Student Fellowships

Students have the opportunity to work with the Curb Institute through the fellowships program. These fellowships are designed to provide real-world experiences to students interested in exploring the breadth of the Memphis music tradition. Student fellows work with community partners and professionals in the Memphis area on real projects that connect with and expand the liberal arts experience of Rhodes into the community.

Opportunities for student involvement include, but are not limited to the following areas:

  1. Audio and Video recording and production

  2. Marketing/Business/Entrepreneurship

  3. Outreach/Community Engagement

  4. Research and Writing

Student fellowships are designed to not only give student experiences outside of campus, but also work to build students’ critical thinking and reflective skills by exploring how music has broader implications for the study of the culture, history, and economy of Memphis and the world. Building civic responsibility and leadership skills are crucial goals of the Curb Fellowship Program.

For more information on Curb Fellowships, please contact John Bass at